18-10-2019 05:48:58

Visa Refusal

Student VISA and visitor VISA are the categories scrutinized by the visa officers of most countries than any other visas. Due to 1000s of applications in country like US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc the visa officers may not be able to spend more time reviewing each case to make sure whether it is genuine or not. It is your responsibility to present your case for your successful VISA issuance.
We can provide some important information to minimize your VISA rejection chances. VISA refusal is not based on your document or your academic performance. By showing lot of funds and having admission in a top ranking university will not guarantee your VISA.

The visa officer will be able to determine your true objective by asking very few questions or by seeing your documents. Sometimes their judgment could be wrong, so you have a second chance to present your case. Unless you have solid explanation to support your VISA application it is highly unlikely to get the VISA approval in the second time. It is very important to analyze your previous VISA refusal before you apply again.

There may be several reasons for your visa rejection. With information you provided, I think you were rejected because the consular wasn’t convinced you can complete a chosen program in United States. May be the consular thought you may work instead of studying in USA. As you had a gap of about two years, you don’t seem to be serious about your studies. The consular must have also thought you just intend to enter USA with a purpose other than studying. You may also have been suspected about your intentions to return back after completion of your program in United States. These may be the reasons for your US student visa rejection.