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Interview Tips

Some general tips to face a visa interview

Getting In...

The consular's objective is to decide whether or not to make you a visa offer by evaluating your educational background, your strengths, as well as your level of motivation, attitude, confidence and personality. In other words, to find out if you're the right person for the visa, what is your potential for the visa and whether or not you will fit into their environment.
As a student, your objective is to satisfy the consular's objective, as well as learn those things you need to know about the country, university and the course so that you can give an intelligent answers during interview.

Interview Tips

  1.  Learn about the country, university and course in depth.    

  2.  Prepare answers to broad questions about yourself.

  3.  Write an essay (statement of purpose) and review.

  4.  Practice an interview with a friends or relatives.

  5.  Know the exact place and time of the interview.

  6.  Arrive before the scheduled time of your interview.

  7.  Be well groomed. Dress appropriately. Do not chew gum or smoke.

  8.  Be confident. Be smiling.

The interview should be a two-way conversation. If you don't understand anything ask questions from the interviewers, don't hesitate.

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