26-05-2020 12:39:10

2009-2010 Strategic Plans

The overall purpose of the Strategic Plan is to make progress on the seven goals below. More than just words on paper, this Strategic Plan is a “living and breathing” guide to move us forward. Its purpose is not to collect dust on a shelf, but to act as a compass for our faculty, staff, students, and friends as we, collectively, create the future of GOLDEN EYES International Education.

Goal 1.  Empower faculty and staff to achieve high levels of success in counseling.
1.    Support students as the central focus of the institution.
2.    Maximize facilities (virtual and physical)
3.    Improve accessibility and increase communication.
4.    Foster quality education partnerships.
5.    Expand student outreach activities.

Goal 2.  Expand and promote abroad study program.
1.    Establish a central contact for abroad study programs.
2.    Identify new offerings to meet student's needs and interests.
3.    Increase investment advertising about study abroad program.
4.    Implement best practices for student support services.
5.    Expand education opportunities to many universities and colleges.

Goal 3.  Create a friendly environment that enhances student

Goal 4.  Provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to the first year experience that    encourages student success.

Goal 5.  Develop, retain, and recruit high-quality student who contribute to a satisfying and productive work environment.

I would like to say a BIG THANKS to you for making my dream come true. Friends, teachers of Golden Eyes I am very grateful to every one of you. May Golden Eyes grow older making every hopes and aspiration possible.
Vijay Thulung Rai
Ktm, Nepal